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Monday, October 22

Day two with Alice Xiao Ying!!

Had a great night - Alice finally went to sleep at about nine, and slept through until 7.30. DH wasn't quite so lucky. He made the fatal error of eating Japanese sashimi (raw fish) for lunch yesterday and spent the whole night being violently ill. Alice is just the sweetest little soul. She chats away to herself, responds to her name (Ying Ying) and is generally a happy little camper. She is eating and drinking well, and when she wakes form her nap we are going to venture out to Walmart to pick up a few supplies.

China has just blown my mind completely. The noise, the people, the traffic, the pollution, the chaotic nature of everything. I am just loving it!! The taxi rides have been a little scary, but I am getting used to near death experiences now.

Must go before my cherub wakes from her nap. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Cristina xx


amy said...

I love that you called her a cherub. She is certainly precious

Anonymous said...

Mmm - if the 00 sizes are too big, does that mean you will have to do some more shopping for Ying Ying?


Fiona said...

Wow! She's so beautiful. You are both so lucky and fortunate and blessed. Congratulations. I can't wait to meet her. Enjoy your time in China. What an amazing life changing experience. Big Hugs, Fiona. XXX

Kim said...

Please keep us updated, I love the pictures so far :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cristina,

Wow. Ying Ying is truly an angel :-) I am so pleased that she is safe in your arms, and you are in hers after all this time.

Enjoy every minute of the overwhelming, chaotic joy that is China!!

Tasha xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything is going well for you in China. Alice is beautiful and we hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly. We are enjoying following your adventures and thought of all of batch 6 yesterday when you were meeting your daughters. Can't wait to meet them all when thye get back to Tassie.

Robyn and Tony
Tas batch 7

Glori said...

Oh Cris, it's beautiful, wonderful & miraculous! The whole family, Ying Ying included have been in my thoughts these past 36 hours (I didn't realise you were posting from o/s).

I'm so very very happy for you, Duncan, Beth & Liam (in absentia) & for Ying Ying.

Huge love & hugs to you all!!!

OziMum said...

Life will never be the same again! Congratulations Mummy and Daddy, your daughter is just gorgeous! Fantastic on the sleeping front! Hope she continues to be a champion sleeper!

Poor hubs... hope he feels better very soon... maybe boiled rice, is the order of the day?!!

Shannon said...

She's beautiful. I'm so happy for you!1 (p.s.- what was DH thinking??? wink.)