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Wednesday, October 24

Nanchang Day Five

Hi All,

Sorry again for the short message, but I am just exhausted. Went to the People's Park in Nanchang today, which was lovely. Lots of old men playing Mahjong and doing tai chi. Had a two hour massage this afternoon whilst Alice was asleep, and we went out for a meal with some of our batch buddies this evening. None of the staff spoke English, so I am not sure what we ate but it tasted good!

Alice is blossoming with every passing hour. She has quite a little personality - we are getting lots of giggles and smiles, and she loves to be held and rocked. She really only gets grumpy when she is tired or hungry, and has slept right through every night that we have had her. What a blessing!!

Off to the zoo tomorrow to see Nanchang's only panda, which apparently has a reputation for being a bit of a lazy bones. Check out the photobucket site for today's pics.

Cristina xx


Anonymous said...

Congrats Tassiegirl (Christina)... Alice looks so lovely.
Take care and have a great time. I am so looking forward to when its my turn (two weeks today I leave). Take care. CTG from RQ...

Shannon said...

Just saw the pics...she's tiny adorable and perfect. You guys are lucky, lucky, lucky parents. :-) And on top of that, I'm luvin' the pics of the Ergo!!!