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Friday, October 19

Culture Shock

We spent a few hours this morning wandering the streets of Shanghai, looking like complete idiots as we gawped at everything. It is just so foreign to anything we have ever known. The traffic is just horrific - there seem to be no road rules, and crossing roads puts your life in grave danger!! We left the Holiday Inn at noon, and had a much more pleasant drive to the domestic airport for our flight to Nanchang. Only a few near misses this time! For some reason, at every security check point my bag has been causing me problems, and I have been searched a few times. Must look like a terrorist...
The flight to Nanchang was (thankfully) non-eventful and our guide, Evelyn, met us at the airport. She is just lovely, and speaks English very well. Our hotel, the Jin Feng, is great, and it was fabulous to meet up with our batch buddies again. We all went out for an evening meal and caused quite a stir in the local restaurant - I am not sure they have seen quite so many foreigners together a the one time before. On our way back to the hotel, we saw a man knocked off his bike by a car, and the car driver promptly got out and abused the cyclist!!

China is an awesome place. I feel so honoured to be here, We are going to Feng Cheng tomorrow, where Alice is from, and hope to visit her finding place. I have included a couple of pics from our travels so far - I particularly like the one of DH eating an eel sandwich! Until next time, zai jian!


amy said...

thanks for sharing the pics, they are wonderful

OziMum said...

Sexy house?!!!

ONE more sleep!!!!

Emma's Journal said...

Sexy House, gotta love that one. Brave of your husband to try new things, so how was the eel sandwich?
Thanks for sharing the pictures, we love seeing what china is all about.
Sherri in Florida

Emma's Journal said...

lol....husband wanted to know if your husband got the sandwich from the sexy house?

Glori said...

DH is a brave, brave man!