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Wednesday, October 17

Leaving in Twelve Hours

I'm not sure if I want to throw up or faint. In twelve hours time I will be airborne (ugh) and on my way to Melbourne. We stay overnight at the Hilton (very yummy!) which is linked to the airport by a walkway. Just as well, since we need to be at the departures gate by 5am on Thursday. We then fly to Sydney, hop onto our airbus 330 and spend 10 hours of sheer unrelenting terror (well, I do anyway) bound for Shanghai. We arrive in Shanghai at six on Thursday evening, and stay overnight at the Holiday Inn. Friday at 2pm we fly to Nanchang (oh great, another flight...) and on Sunday October 21st 2007 we will finally get to meet our sweet little Alice. My heart is just overflowing at the prospect of finally holding her in my arms. Only four more sleeps, and our family will be complete.
So for now, farewell my Loyal Readers. I will post as soon as I can. If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for me so I can get onto the aeroplane without losing the plot completely. Blessings to you all,

Cristina xxxx


Emma's Journal said...

I just want to wish you all the luck on that long flight. I think I would be saying the same thing when my time comes. I can't wait to see your pictures of your first moments with Alice....we will keep you in our prays.
Sherri, Todd and ds Sam 7 in Fl.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes and safe journey to you - the time has finally come for the privilege of adopting such an angel and guiding her upbringing to enjoy a wonderful life and opportunities ... how horrible to think of such a sweetheart being abandoned and there being no biological details under those circumstances, that is the saddest part for Alice - I'm sure there are many adventures and challenges to come in the years ahead for you all, hope it is everything you imagine it to be, and Alice is happy, healthy, well adjusted and most of all enjoys life and is always given much love, care and support. Wonderful that you and your family are in a position to be able to go through the complexities of overseas adoption. GOOD LUCK with your journey and especially the very first moment of seeing Alice, hugging and kissing her ... what an absolute joy for you both!

Janet said...

Thinking of you, you will cope with the flights as your Alice is at the other end of them :-) Hope parting from your older two isn't too hard, big hugs ((((((()))))))))

Bill & Linda said...

Safe travels, Cristina!

We leave a week Saturday

Anonymous said...

When we went to China to get our little boo, I just pretended that the plane was a giant bus...with staff that fed me. What could be wrong with that? Safe travels and I am so pleased another dream is about to come true.

Terri said...

Lifting you up in prayer (or keeping you up since you'll be in the air--ha!).

Everything will be fine.....no worries!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip...I do not love flying either....but we both know what wonderful gift is waiting for you at the other end of your flights: Alice!!

Take care; I will be thinking of you. Its my turn next month to meet my little sweetie: Natalie. I can hardly wait.
Take care. CTG from RQ

OziMum said...

WOO HOO! The day has finally arrived! Safe travels!

Shannon said...

Safe travels and happy family day to you!!!!


RoLo said...

Wishing you a safe journey. We are so happy for you.

amy said...

Be safe and have a trip of a lifetime