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Tuesday, October 9

An Amazing Story

I want to share with you the story of how the Red Thread of Chinese adoption has wound itself around our family and our precious Alice. Not too long after receiving our allocation, I joined the Yahoo group for families who have adopted from Feng Cheng, the city where Alice is from. I sent an introductory email to the group, saying who we were, and that we had just been allocated Feng Xiao Ying. The next day I received an email (in my 'Junk' folder!!) from a woman named Christina (no coincidence - the Red Thread!) in the USA. She introduced herself and said that she had been waiting for my email. What??? She then went on to say that for the past eight months, she had been sponsoring Alice through a Christian organisation that works in Chinese orphanages. This means that since she was fostered at two days old, Alice has had access to regular medical checkups, top quality baby formula, and regular reports. Just yesterday, I received in the mail the three reports (with photos) that Christina has received as Alice's sponsor. The photos are different to her referral ones, and show her aged 2.5, 5.5 and 8.5 months. She has changed so much! So thank you to my new friend Christina in Georgia, for her kindness and generosity in sharing this early part of Alice's life with us. I feel so very blessed that the Red Thread (and of course God) has led us to having so much wonderful extra information about our darling daughter. Only eight sleeps now until we leave - WHOOHOO!! By the way - the photo at the top is my beautiful daughter aged eight and a half months. I am SOOOOO in love....


Emma's Journal said...

That is amazing story, very sweet and kind of Christine. Alice is such a beautiful baby - she has the prefect little face. I'm very happy for you and your family. Can't wait to follow your journey and hold her in your arms.
God Bless!

Janet said...

Wow!! That is amazing! I hope you manage to get your eight sleeps - or will you be lying awake looking at all the photos of your beautiful new daughter?

RoLo said...

That is so amazing I am so happy you made contact with this lovely lady.

Tracy said...

That is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terri said...

Ooooh.....that is amazing and wonderful! What a blessing!

Jen said...

I have tears gathering in my eyes Cristina - I've been away at the FCC camp with Ebony and have just returned to read of your progress - how amazing and how blessed you are. God loves you so much that He alone has given you this window into little Alice's life. Praise to Him alone!
Jen and Ebony Grace. xxx

Global Girl said...

That is so neat, as I have a similar story! I sponsor two children through Half the Sky Foundation. Several months ago, I stumbled across the blog of a couple who had just received their referral. As it turns out, their soon-to-be daughter is my little sponsor girl! We've exchanged many emails, and they, too, were thrilled to receive updated pictures and info! I'm just so amazed by this, and am looking forward to watching this little girl grow :)

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Absolutely amazing story!! I am so excited that you will be meeting Alice soon!

OziMum said...

What an incredible story! 2 Christina's caring for the same child?!!!

Not long now!