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Sunday, October 21

Today is the Day

In a little over eight hours, I will be holding my new daughter for the first time. After almost three years of waiting, I can hardly believe that this moment has arrived. I feel excited, thrilled, nervous and a good whack of terrified. DH is still sleeping but I of course am just too darn wound up. We are off to the huge Nanchang market today to indulge in a little retail therapy, then we meet in the hotel lobby at 3pm to travel to the civil affairs office to meet our babies. We visited the Feng Cheng orphanage yesterday, and spoke with the assistant director. She said that the foster parents would bring the girls to the orphanage this morning, then they would travel the hour or so by bus to reach Nanchang, where we finally meet. Please pray that all goes as well as can be expected. I will (hopefully) post some pics in the next day or so. Until then, zai jian from smoggy China!!

Cristina xx


Emma's Journal said...

That's awesome news!! We're looking forward to seeing pictures of you with Alice. Everything will be ok, i'm sure theres no need to worry about anything.
Sherri in Fl

mumma to many said...

Hi Cristina
I know today will be filledf with many tears and know that no matter what it will always be a day that brings tears!
Hugs and deep breathes
Ruth in NZ

Anonymous said...

Hugs Cristina and Duncan, and Beth and Liam waiting patiently at home. Even though she won't realise it, Alice is soon to be just where she belongs. We wish you joy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you I forgot to say "from Susan, Ian and Clare xx"

Cristina said...

Xie xie to you all for your good wishes. Three hours to go!! Off to have lunch, followed by a massage before boarding the bus to the Civil Affairs Office. Love and hugs,Cristina xxx

amy said...

How wonderful, cant wait for that first family photo