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Thursday, September 27

A Sick Husband.

I knew it must have been a real illness when he announced this morning that he didn't feel like playing golf on the weekend. This is the equivalent to me turning down a free block of Cadbury's chocolate, or my kids refusing to have Fairy Floss at the local Show. He has been unwell for the past week and a half, coughing and snotting everywhere. I just put it down to the highly virulent 'Man Cold', but it turns out that he hasn't been playing it up. He finally went to the doctor today as he could barely drag himself out of bed, and was diagnosed with a chest and sinus infection. Now this may not sound too bad, but unfortunately my DH has a prior history of rather life-threatening pneumonia. Two Christmases ago he ended up spending close to a month in bed with pneumonia, and I sure don't want that happening again with our trip to China only a few weeks away. I will staple him into bed if I have to, but the poor boy needs his rest.


OziMum said...

Poor bloke! He MUST get well for China!

Hope the paperwork is panning out!

Janet said...

Hope he recovers fully in time for China.

RoLo said...

sending lots of get well wishes.