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Thursday, September 13

Making Plans

I have been to the travel agent this morning and have tentatively booked our flights to Shanghai!! It seemed all so surreal at the time - I have never made travel bookings before, and I felt like a proper grownup!! I am now waiting for Neil the Travel Agent to get back to me with a quote so I can see how hideously expensive it will be. Finances are a bit tight at the moment - adoption-related costs on top of my washing machine pooping itself yesterday (sigh). Oh well - it's only money and credit cards are a wonderful invention...

I still find it hard to believe that in Feng Cheng, Jiangxi Province, our daughter is living out her life, even as I type these words. She is playing, sleeping, crying, and loving the only mother she has ever known. I was surprised to find myself feeling guilty yesterday about taking her away from all of this. I just hope that she doesn't hate me on sight as I will have taken her from her foster mother and all that she has ever known. Can a baby ever forgive someone who does that???


OziMum said...

HI there! I thought a left a comment the other day - and now I can't see it, so it probably didn't publish?!

Anyway, I'm so excited to find another Aussie's blog! We're in Adelaide, LID 22/2/06. A HUGE congratulations on the allocation of sweet Alice!

Hope you get a good deal on your tickets!


Janet said...

Hi Cristina the Grown Up :-)

Hope your flights aren't too expensive, especially after a washing machine disaster!!

It took a lot of hard work and patience, but Little Prince eventually did forgive us for taking him from his foster carer, so it can be done :-)

UK Janet

amy said...

oh i cant wait to read more..Im so excited for you

WWG said...

Hi Christina, Good blog ! :)
Look from Quebec Canada