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Saturday, September 15


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Well, I have already started that exacting task of packing for two and a half weeks in China. I have packed and unpacked several times already, and that's just the baby stuff! I have always been a fan of over-packing, and I am finding it very difficult to be harsh with myself and discard things. And I haven't even begun to think about stuff for DH and myself. It's looking as if I will have room for a change of underwear each, so we might be pretty stinky by the time we leave China...

I ws a little disappointed yesterday. I had an email for our Head of Adoptions, with updated weights and measurements for the babies of our batch. Unfortunately, there were no updates for the babies from Feng Cheng (Alice included), as the SWI refused to provide updated information. So I am still playing a bit of a guessing game as to how big Alice will be when we meet, and have had to correspondingly pack clothes in several different sizes. I am thinking she will probably be quite small (around 7kg) but you never know - her foster family may have been feeding her up and she may be a whopper! Whatever the case may be, I simply cannot wait to hold her in my arms....


RoLo said...

Have fun

OziMum said...

Good luck with your packing!

I'd love to hear a "what you DIDN'T use, but what was MOST USEFUL" when you get back!!! I'm a bit of an obessive list maker!

amy said...

oh fun!!! Cant wait for pics

Anonymous said...

Hi Tassiegirl.
Its possible that Alice might be bigger than 7 kg...my little cherub is 8.6 kg (as of last week) and since they are only one day apart, it could be Alice may have grown as well.. So, my own suggestion is to aim for at least 7.5 kg and 65-70 cm. It sounds like your travel plans on moving along quickly.
Take care. CTG from RQ.