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Monday, September 17

All booked (and with a free dummy thrown in)

I went to visit Neil the Travel Dude again today, fixed up a few mistakes on the itinerary, and voila - one trip to China fully booked. It is actually starting to feel real now. Mind you, I threw him into a bit of a spin with the whole 'leaving without a baby, coming home with a baby scenario'. Apparently he has had to make a booking for a 'dummy child' to accompany us to China, which will then be replaced with the real child on the way home. I wonder - do we actually get a real dummy to accompany us on the way to China????

I have spent the weekend packing, unpacking and repacking our two suitcases. I haven't as yet packed anything for DH and I, and there is not much space. Oh well - at least Alice will be well dressed, even if her parents look and smell bad.

I have just looked at the date and realised that it is exactly one month until we leave. I wonder how long it will take for that month to pass??? I know that, considering we have waited over two and a half years to get to this point, that four weeks isn't that much of a big deal, but I am tipping that it will draaaggg..... I have done pretty much all I can do in preparation (apart from packing, unpacking and repacking several million more times) so now I just get to twiddle my thumbs and count the days until our sweet babe is in my arms. Wishing my life away again...


Anonymous said...

seeCool. We'll have to use Neil the Travel Dude too - unless he has retired by the time we receive our referral.

Does the "dummy child" get a seat, baggage allowance, etc. Might work very well!

Time does fly - except when you are waiting to go and get your baby.


Anonymous said...

The "dummy child" REALLY confuses the check in staff on your outward journey!

Lyn & Amanda - Vic 12

OziMum said...

Congrats on securing the flights! Dummy child?!! Hope it doesn't cause too many dramas at check-in!!

Good luck with the packing! I can't wait til I have to pack!! Is that a little weird?!!

amy said...

How fun, hoping this month goes by quickly