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Tuesday, September 25

Paranoid Paperwork

I have just finished making copies of IMPORTANT PAPERWORK. What sort of IMPORTANT PAPERWORK you may ask?? Well, pretty much anything adoption-related that I could shove into the (now-overheated) photocopier. I have multiple copies of birth certificates, marriage certificate, statement of income, letter of approval to adopt, our itinerary etc etc etc. I am sure I have probably gone a wee bit over the top, but better to be safe than sorry, right??? Now my next dilemma - should I be photocopying my photocopies to make a separate file to pack in an alternative bag in case of the loss of the first bag ??? Mmmm, might go and try some of the lovely calmative medication that my doctor prescribed me this morning.....

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Anonymous said...

We are currently in the same mode..photocopy, photocopy, scan, scan, scan, print,print, print...I saw your note..less than three weeks for you..Congrats...I am so happy for you..CTG from where else..RQ