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Monday, September 10

I'm back again!

Whew, what a week it has been. I apologise Loyal Readers for being absent, but I was absent with very good reason. Since we received 'The Call' last Tuesday, life has become completely frantic. Phone calls were made, emails flew, and all the immigration paperwork had to be finalised. I had a trip to Hobart on Friday to submit said paperwork, and arrived home that evening completely pooped, but very relieved. All our batch's documents are now winging their way to the Australian embassy in Shanghai, and should reach there on Wednesday. I also posted a care package today for Alice, which included two disposable cameras. I sure hope I get them back, full of lots of gorgeous pictures of my beautiful baby girl...

Speaking of whom - she sounds delightful. I received the translated copies of her progress reports while I was in Hobart, and have had such fun reading about my new little babe. She is described as a 'noisy, active girl'. who loves being out doors and playing with other children. She is also described as being 'often noisiness without hunger' - mmmmm, perhaps a bit on the loud side?? Another consistent fact in all the documents is that she is a light sleeper, and wakes frequently - going to have to get used to sleep deprivation again by the sounds of it. Her favourite toy is 'red plastic toy' and when her foster mother teases her she 'likes to chortle'. Wow. I can hardly believe that in about 40 days I will get to meet this little dynamo. Our handover date has been tentatively set for October 22nd, and we should hopefully have confirmation of that this week. If so, DH and I will leave Tassie on Tuesday 16th October in prepartaion for meeting Miss Alice. I simply cannot wait. Fear of flying??? Bah humbug - I gotta get my baby!!!

I will try not to leave it too long between posts again (until China of course) but I must head off and start catching up on all the house-related stuff that I have neglected over the past week or so. Once again, thank you ALL for your kind words and messages of support. You rock!


Glori said...

All sounding terrific!

But, today I'm gonna caps locka ya lady!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you get spoilt so absolutely rotten with chocolate & general indulgences. After all, a resumption of willing sleep deprivation looms - in such a positive, happy way :)

Hugs, DNA

amy said...

Glad your back, that is one stinkin cute baby

Janet said...

She looks GORGEOUS :-) Not long now till you meet her :-)


Jen said...

I so understand how busy it all is and especially when you live a while away from where the paperwork has to be! Oh Cristina - not long now - I'm so excited for you! Get as much sleep as you can (yeah! sure :). Love from Jen and Ebony xxx

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog thru "RumorQueen". Congratulations on your new baby girl, she is just gorgeous!! We are only LID April 13, 2007 so it's very exciting for us to see all of you getting your new little ones!! Makes the wait somehow more bearable...:) I found your post about the elephant in the corner so interesting, because our family and some of our friends are acting the SAME WAY. I just don't understand it, it makes me crazy the way some people act, it's like it's a control thing or something!! Anyways, congratulations again and much happiness with your new daughter!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Come to the November room..we miss your sense of humour. I have posted pictures (after a very long week; yesterday was the day for me)..CTG from RQ.