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Wednesday, September 5


I just looked at my hit counter and realised that in the past 24 hours, I have had over 10 000 visitors to my blog!!! I never realised I was so popular!! Or perhaps it is something more to do with a certain precious little peanut???!!! Thank you all who have left your comments and warm congratulations over the past day or so. I am truly humbled by the support and friendship I have experienced from all over the world.

At this point in time, we have set a tentative hand over date of October 22nd. I will be heading south to Hobart on Friday ( a three hour drive) to lodge Alice's visa application, and then the wait proper begins. I wonder if I could just go now???


Anonymous said...

She is a little cutie , ur heart must be pounding with the thoughts of finally meeting your daughter. May all your dreams be happy ones from now on. Best of luck from Ireland

Glori said...

Well if you went now, at least you'd know you'd beat the Friday traffic *LMAO*. I couldn't help myself.

Of course you have tonnes of love & support. You are a wonderful human bean. The peanut is an added bonus to come over & have a squiz :)


Roy and Lori said...

Congratulations on your
precious little girl.
She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats...I finally heard...a baby girl born in Jan 2007 (same month as your sweetie); from Guangxi province... I will have to wait 3-4 days before I see pictures, but I am relieved to know this much...
Take care. CTG from RQ

shuey6 said...

You are soooo lucky. Our agency isn't booking ANY consulate dates in October (trade fair in China) and we may have to wait until November to travel!

She is beautiful, have the best time.