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Sunday, September 2

The Big White Elephant in the Corner

You know the one I am talking about?? The one that sits there, large as life, yet no-one mentions it. What does this have to do with anything, you may ask?? Well Loyal Readers, in my family, the Big White Elephant in the Corner is our adoption. Today was Father's Day and I (very stupidly) agreed to host the traditional Father's Day Lunch at my house. Aunties, uncles, grandparents, cousins etc etc. And do you know what? In the course of three hours, NOT ONE of these people asked about how the adoption was going. Did this surprise me?? Not one little bit. When DH and I first let our respective families know about our plans to adopt from China, our parents were supportive, and that was where the support ended. DH's sister even went as far as saying 'Why would you want to do that? You never know WHAT you might end up with'. In the two and a half years since we made the decision to add to our family by means of adoption, it has been completely ignored. I have two cousins who actually roll their eyes and quickly change the topic of conversation if I ever dare to steer it to the unsavoury subject of IA. So there it sat - the Big White Elephant in the Corner, not being mentioned, not being acknowledged. I deliberately left our new high chair out in the dining area, thinking that it may have prompted a question or two. It was referred to exactly twice - both times in reference to one of the big kids sitting in it instead of sitting out in the patio area for lunch.

So here I sit, a bit disheartened and rather tired, with a mountain of washing up to be done. I am very thankful that the journey to Alice has provided me with some absolutely WONDERFUL friends who make up for my moronic family. Thank you all for your ongoing support - and here's to a VERY big week!!!


Anonymous said...

What can I say Cristina? At least it's over and now you can move on to this life changing week:) Some people will never ever understand the joy and emotions of forming or extending a family through adoption.


Janet said...

Big Hugs ((((((((((())))))))) that sounds really hard to take. My mil was (and is!) just like that, but now he's here treats Little Prince exactly like the other grandkids - so hopefully they'll come round once Alice is here. Still got everything crossed that you hear something SOON SOON SOON!!!


Réglissoly said...

As I understands you, two weeks ago, we had a family party and I spoke about our adoption and my brother whom I don't see often said to me: “Does It still going this adoption?, I thing it was over! You're crazy!"
I'm so tired to hear people giving their opinion on our decision...
(sorry for my english, I'm french speaking)


RoLo said...

Send you BIG Hugs. I hope that your families comes around and gives your the support you deserve. But you know what I think that we all have those family members and even some friends that are happy for us but just dont understand completely. That is why I am and I am sure you are so grateful for our online friends.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your baby girl, and good luck. Have a happy life and ignore the family.