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Thursday, August 2

Going Slightly Insane...

Well, we have gone from the Rumour Wasteland of a few days ago to a Rumour Glut. Tidbits of information about the next group of referrals are buzzing around cyberspace, with no-one knowing for sure exactly WHAT is going to happen. Some European agencies are saying that referrals have been mailed and cover up until the 21st November (the day before us) whilst some US agencies are vehemently stating that referrals have NOT been sent yet. And there is one other juicy little rumour out there - that November 22nd will be included in this batch of referrals. I swear Loyal Readers, if that happens I may well have a complete break from reality...

Now as to these boys names - thank you to all who voted! It seems as if Oliver and Samuel are the most popular choices. Only problem with Samuel is that it is the name of my crazy (not in a good way) brother-in-law, so I think my DH would veto that pretty quick smart. Personally, I like Thomas, but I simply can't understand why no-one voted for Homer....(only joking!! It is a GROSS name, but a 'family name' on DH's side - eeooww!!)


Shannon said...

Hang in there. So close now!!!!

Glori said...

The other issue with Samuel is that every year at present is filled with at least 1-3 Sam/Samuels in classes.

Thomas. I'll honour your choice if that is where you head (though repeated personal experiences say the name is cursed, not just in a 'doubting Thomas' kinda way).

Having said that, I can't imagine you without an Alice - I've already placed her in your family :)