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Saturday, August 11


It's Saturday morning again, and that can only mean one thing in my house -Golf Day. The alarm goes off at some hideous hour (for a Saturday) and my DH veritably leaps out of bed (compared with the usual weekday 'has to be dragged kicking and screaming' ritual). I hope I don't offend any golf fans out there but WHAT is it all about??? I mean, you walk for miles, sometimes in the rain, chasing a little white ball with a stick and trying to get it into a very small hole. Pointless??? I think so. But my DH is passionate about it. In recent months he has bought new clubs, buggy, bag, balls, appropriate clothing (???) and multitudes of golfing magazines. These, I might add, all look identical to me as they all have exactly the same photo on the front - yup, you guessed it, a guy hitting a golf ball. I am sure that the guy must change from issue to issue, but they are all much of a muchness to me. One further example of how completely obsessive DH is about his golf, his new car is - a VW Golf!!! Truly, truly tragic. Oh well, if it keeps him sane and happy I can't argue too much, but I really do wonder why such a BORING game enthralls so many...


Glori said...

Cris I'm with you on the whole golf thing. The times I tried it I ended up throwing the cute little white ball down the fairway *lol*!

But, my uncle & mum's partner both do it religiously (my uncle does the whole competition thing too - egads). I think it's like a Zen thing for them. Both of these men have a lot of responsibility in their working life & I think gold allows them silence and a place to just focus on one tiny white thing.

I'm glad Duncan has something that he enjoys doing to unwind (even if the back nine don't go his way heehee). For me it's swimming (waiting for temps to go back up a little).

That's the theory I've come up with. The only time I can bear watching it is via Happy Gilmore *LMAO*!!!

RoLo said...

heheh I have recently just started golfing and I am loving it. Im not a finatic but I just enjoy meeting the girls, enjoying the early morning or late afternoon. Im not super competitive just trying to have fun.