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Saturday, August 18

First Rumour for the Month!!

I have just been checking Rumour Queen for the umpteenth time today, and there is finally a rumour concerning the next lot of referrals. She has listed as an R2 that the CCAA has matched up to the 24th November. There is no mention of whether this is the cut off yet, but that it is definitely included. Some of you may be asking yourselves 'Why does this matter? I thought her LID was the 22nd November??' Well, this is true. But another mitigating factor in this whole process is that our batch (Tasmania batch 6) is split in between two LID's. The first seven files (including us) were logged in on November 22nd, but the other two files were sent six days after ours, and were not logged in until November 25th. SO-if the CCAA cuts off at the 24th in September, our brilliant batch buddies, Maree and Tim, and Merian and David, may not make it to China with us. And there is the haunting, nagging worry in the back of my mind that the CCAA may disregard our LID of the 22nd and include us with our batch mates on the 25th. My head space is a VERY ugly place to be right about now................


RoLo said...

Hoping that they get further and that your group stays together.

Anonymous said...

Haven't the early rumours been incorrect over the last few months? And don't you say, but they will be right this time. I remember worrying that our file had slipped down under the shelves, been caught up in another one and put in the wrong place . . . and so it could go on. Alice is very close now. Keep that thought.

Glori said...

Wish I could help, saying 'hang in there' doesn't cover it (but I do mean it & send a huge bear hug to you).

Janet said...

Even RQ says the early rumours are rarely correct, try not to worry (like that's easy to do!!!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Cristina

RQ rumours this morning say that families with LID of 25 November are included:) The glass is half full.