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Tuesday, August 14

Bibs, bibs everywhere and not a Babe in sight.

I have just been into the girl's big shared wardrobe to do a bit of a stock take. Our lovely friends from church last night gave us a surprise box of baby goodies, and I had to find homes for all the beautiful bits and pieces. It was then that I realised exactly how much I have bought over the past two and a half years. Here is the (somewhat frightening) list:
20 bibs;
14 grow-suits (onesies to my Yankie friends!)
24 t-shirts
18 pairs of socks
6 hats (summer and winter)
15 singlets
6 winter coats/jackets
14 pairs of trousers
6 pairs of shorts
6 dresses
3 skirts
several undefinable top/bottoms sets
6 pairs of shoes

So, if we get a boy referral, I will be doing some very speedy boy-shopping, as mostly everything in this massive collection is PINK!!! The clothes range in size from 0-5, and I have bought the vast majority of it at end of season sales, so it's not as bad as it seems. I think my DH may, however, faint if he reads this and sees exactly how much retail therapy I have indulged in during this long and protracted wait.....


Janet said...

Way to go Cristina :-) You KNOW how to shop lol. And very very soon you will see the little face that is going to wear all of those clothes :-)


Tasha :-) said...

I'm glad to know I'm not alone Cristina! I haven't dared spread out all my purchases at the one time yet....in fact I don't know if our baby's room is big enough for me to do so :-)

Whatever gets us through the wait I say :-)


Cristina said...

LOL Tasha! Nothing wrong with a bit of reatil therapy!! I just had a thought - I wonder how many books on China I have bought since the wait began?? I do know that what once sat on a bench in the kitchen now takes up four shelves on a bookshelf. Ooops....

Christie said...

Is that all? Jeesh, would that it were true of my own little nursery closet. I think the hubby would be amazed if there were less than three hundred outfits in that room.

Oopsie! Got a little shoppy happy these last two years waiting...