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Wednesday, August 8

A very unhappy day

Yesterday was pretty sucky folks. It started out pretty well, but my 9.30am had descended into a miasma of sobbing and utter frustration, all because of one little phone call. I had to call 'X' at the adoption services yesterday about our updated police checks. We got to chatting, and I happened to mention how excited we were to finally be NEXT!!! Well, 'X' started going on about large numbers of files, small numbers of baby dossiers etc etc and being a real 'Debbie Downer'. So I say 'But what about the CCAA official web page which says that the cut off last week was the 21st November?' to which 'X' told me not to believe everything that I read!! Huh??? How much more clear does the evidence that we are next have to be?? 'X' then proceeded to inform me that they never bothered to look at the CCAA web page, and that I should not get my hopes up for a referral in the near future. I must admit friends, that I had a big 'ol tantrum then. I hung up the phone, lay on the floor and howled like a baby. This last two and a half years has been stressful, tiring and emotionally draining. I had been holding it all together pretty well until yesterday, but after this phone call the dam wall broke. After emailing my lovely friend Susan (whom I knew would understand) I went into the November room on the RQ forum and vented quite a bit. Those awesome cyber-buddies of mine were so quick to respond, and so very supportive. I particularly liked one comment about 'X' being 'on crack'!! The consensus was (as I have suspected all along) that 'X' does not know what they are talking about. To give 'X' the benefit of the doubt, they have to deal with other countries for IA too, so 'X' probably doesn't have that much time to spend checking up on adoptions from just our country of choice. But the thing that galled me the most was that 'X' told me not to believe the CCAA web page, even though they have never looked at it!! How can you judge the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the CCAA's statement's if you haven't been consistently checking them???!!!
So dear friends, I have decided to take the words of 'X' with a grain of salt and to continue enjoying the very special knowledge that we are indeed next. I will not let "X's ignorance spoil the most wonderful feeling of anticipation that I have!!

PS- sorry about the use of the term 'X' but I live in a VERY small part of the world.......


Shannon said...

"X" is an idiot. You're NEXT!!!! I agree...crackhead for sure.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Checking in on you.....

You're next, girl. NEXT.


Glori said...

Keep your faith Cris! It was only a test and you've come through amazingly. YOU KNOW how the process works. Sending you waves of support.

Anonymous said...

As I said yesterday Cristina, X is talking total crap. The CCAA website has been operating this way since before we adopted our daughter in 2004, when we adopted her, and continues to the present. I am just appalled that X isn't interested to check the CCAA website at least monthly to find our where the China batches are at so that X knows which of her families are very close to referral. If nothing else, to work out for the dept's sake, what it's upcoming workload might be. You are NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT.


Cristina said...

Thanks guys - I REALLY appreciate your love and support:) Nicky - got your email a couple of days ago and I hope that all is well. I will be in touch soon - hang in there!
Cristina xx

Janet said...

Don't let a govt pen pusher spoil your JOY that you are NEXT!!!! Repeat after me I AM NEXT, I AM NEXT, I AM NEXT.....

You are so next whatever X says :-)

Tracy said...

Seriously, X is an idiot. We are NEXT! So there! ;)