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Friday, August 3

WE ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

Happy dance time!!! Even though we missed the cut off this month by one lousy day, I don't care 'cos WE ARE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NEXT!!!!! WHHHHOOOOHHHOOOOOOO!!!! I can hardly believe that in a month's time I will be seeing my baby's face for the very first time. God is good!!

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Anonymous said...

As the sands of time move more slowly through the hourglass than you ever thought possible during the next month to referral and then even more slowly if that is possible whilst you wait to travel and hold your precious babe in arms. May I suggest an endless supply of chocolate . . . and retail therapy!

I am so pleased you are finally NEXT. The red thread is now weaving your family and Alice together forever.


Glori said...

I would add to Susan's list of things to do...SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN!!! I know you won't be able to what with the excitement and most likely the 'uppers' of chocolate - let the shopping wear you out.

Perhaps Duncan should make a special place with a rug - for you to wear out from pacing in the next month.......(the DS & DD can time you or count or something mathematical).

I am so happy that it's out and we know. Can't wait myself for that day of you informing me Alice is home with her family!

*Joins in the happy dance*

Janet said...

Sorry you missed the cut off by one day!! But at least you KNOW you are next :-) I'm loving seeing all the referral blogs and this time next month yours will be there too :-)

Janet (gertiesquidge on RQ)