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Wednesday, August 22

Our Last Anniversary!!!!!

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Today is Wednesday, August 22nd, and it is now 21 months since our file was logged in at the China Centre for Adoption Affairs. And this will be the LAST of these 'anniversaries' that I will have to celebrate - WHOOOHOOOO!!!!! By the time our next one arrives, we should have Alice's referral in hand, and will be busy booking flights, getting visas and packing suitcases. Today is a very good day!! On a more serious note however, tomorrow is DS's 8th birthday. When asked what kind of cake he wanted this year, her replied 'SpongeBob!!' So today, as well as going to school to watch my gorgeous kids strut their stuff in the book week parade, and attending the soccer break up and medal presentation, I have to create SpongeBob from a sponge cake. I actually had nightmares about it last night. If it turns out OK I promise I will share some pictures - if not, it will never be mentioned again....


Glori said...

And on the day yours turns 8, mine turns 13!!!

SpongeBob is relatively easy - do the rectangle & the trick is the colouring in & lollies to decorate him (I did SpongeBob erm, I think it was around 8 too....I can't remember). Mine has requested dinner at a Thai restaurant....

Aaaaah, the joys of teenagedom :)

Plus of course a shared Woo Hoo on your happy dancing!

Cristina said...

I hope Aiden has a brilliant 13th birthday. Enjoy your Thai meal - I would much rather that than a Sponge Bob cake!!

Cristina xx

Janet said...

Good luck with the Sponge Bob cake! I chicken out and get the supermarket to do all the work!! Hope its not too long till referrals arrive now :-)