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Wednesday, January 30

Summer days...and yummy chocolate

As I write this post I am looking out my dining room window, feeling the warm summer breeze on my face and thanking God that I am so very fortunate. I live in a place which is peaceful and not war-torn. I have three beautiful children whom I adore, and a husband whom I love beyond measure. I have a roof above my head, and a house that I am proud to call my home - it is a happy place, full of children, dogs, laughter and plenty of fun. I am thankful that I am healthy, as are my children, and that I never have to worry about where the next meal is coming from, or if we have enough water to drink. I am blessed in my life, and so very grateful to my God that he has provided so abundantly. So, the sun is shining, the dogs are basking in the sun and my precious China babe sleeps peacefully whilst her big brother and sister enjoy themselves at a school holiday Church program. I have just eaten some VERY delicious chocolate after enjoying the company of a good friend. Life is good, and I am so very, very thankful. Blessings to you all,
Cristina xxx
PS - Fiona, the Ferrero's were very yummy and unfortunately didn't last long......


Fiona said...

Ha! Ha! That picture is making my mouth drool! Thanks for a lovely lunch Cristina, and wonderful company.
Fiona xx

Louanne said...

Hi there! I love the new slide show of sweet Alice. And we were on the same wavelength for posts :)

OziMum said...

I like that you waited til your friend left, before eating the chocolate?!!! (said with tongue in cheek... I'm a huge tease!)

Yes, life is good indeed.