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Wednesday, January 2

Happy New Year!!!

Hi again - sorry for the delayed absence but I made the rather silly move of changing Internet service providers right before Christmas. Australia Post took a little longer than the 1-6 business days to deliver my new modem (13 days exactly) so I have been incommunicado for quite some time. We had a great Christmas, despite Alice having a nasty cold, and a very quiet New Year as she had managed to share her germs with my by that stage and I had a bout of bronchitis for the New Year. Hurrah! Feeling better now, but the holidays are whizzing past. DH only has until Sunday left then back to the orifice (office) on the 7th. Poor hubby - he so enjoys the holidays, but the last few days are always clouded by the prospect of returning to work looming menacingly on the horizon.

We have been sharing some special family time together, and thoroughly enjoying Alice's company. She continues to grow and thrive, but her sleep patterns are TERRIBLE!! Last night she woke up every 45 minutes - ARGHHH!!! I know it won't last forever, but it sure feels that way... We have been to the beach, had a few BBQ's, put up the paddling pool and generally just hung out as a family of five. I will post a couple of pics for you, and promise to catch up again soon.


OziMum said...

Eeewww - every 45 mins? Thats nasty!

Sounds like you had a fun holiday period (except Alice's cold, of course) Hope Alice whips into a good 12 hour sleep pattern, real soon!

PS... noooo Aussie Post wouldn't possibly keep you waiting 13 days?!!! NOT!

Louanne said...

Sorry you guys were sick. I love the slideshow though. Alice is super cute in that hat! Glad you are back in action though!

Anonymous said...

Wow..Alice and Natalie share similiar sleeping patterns...She has done the every 45 minute thing before too..these days she sleeps from 1.5-3 hours..sleep deprivation is brutal..but it should get better...its probably Alice's cold....Hang in there..

Cristina said...

Thanks guys for all your posts - since yesterday Alice has come down with another cold, and a real doozy this time. She has so much snot coming out her nose I think she may drown in it. Poor little pet - she is being very good about it, but her sleeping is just awful, and her snoring sounds like someone breathing through porridge. Oh well - she can't be sick all the time, can she???

Cristina xx