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Wednesday, December 26

Boxing Day Fun!

Alice's Launceston Grandma and Grandpa came to visit today, and bought with them the hit of Christmas 2007 - the ride-on, push-along, plays really loud, noisy and annoying music car. She just adores it!


OziMum said...

Too cute!

I had to laugh when I read, the Launceston Grandparents came to visit. We flew into Launceston and drove to Pt Arthur the same day - the tour guide lady nearly fell over... apparently you Tassie folk wouldn't normally do that?!! Crickey - we drive over an hour just to waterski for a few hours, then drive home!!!

RoLo said...

those are the best pressies the loudest and the noiseiest heheheh

monicaijordi said...

Bonjour famille nous sommes une famille Barcelone - de Catalonie que nous voulons partager avec vous nos vidéos de l'adopcuion de de le nôtre seconde fille. Nous espérons que vous aimiez !!!

Merci beacoup !!!