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Monday, December 17

Our Handover Video

After almost two months of messing around, I have FINALLY been able to upload and share with you our handover video. The quality is not great, but I hope you will enjoy watching it.


OziMum said...

Oh my goodness! I just happen to be sitting next to hubs on the lounge, whilst blogging - and took this opportunity to show Todd a handover. I've seen many before, on the thousands of websites that I've read - but Todd has never seen one...he's not quiet as obsessed with it all, as I am!!! Anyway, I was definitely tearing up - and Todd says when it finished - "Well, that was a bit emotional, hey?"!!! This is coming from my Rock-men-don't-cry Husband!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Alice was so placid! Absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Christmas!!! Your first one with Alice and mine with Natalie. Great video clip..thanks for sharing. CTG from RQ

Emma said...

Uh-oh.. I'm CRYING! What a beautiful video. I came to your blog from a link on OziMum's - and am so glad! Now I just have to go back and read all your old entries for a bit of a catch-up! I will definitely be adding you to my blog roll, there just aren't enough Aussie adoption bloggers!

Take care,
Emma in Queensland