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Thursday, December 13

A trip to the hairdressers

Today I am a little apprehensive. Today I am leaving my sweet girl for the first time ever for about two hours to go and get something done with my utterly gross hair. I am sure that she will be fine with my mum, after all they have a mutual appreciation society set up, but I can't help but feel nervous. What if she is TOO comfortable with mum?? What if she DOESN'T miss me?? What if she screams her head off for two hours and I am not there to comfort her?? Perhaps I should just forget about the hair treatment and continue to look gross....But as soon as I have such thoughts my vanity kicks in and remembers the dreaded high school reunion which is happening in only 16 days time, for which I must try to look a little less like a tired and frazzled mum-to-three. Not that I am frazzled (tired definitely) but I do look it. I have just realised that I haven't managed to put makeup on since Handover Day. Wow - no wonder things are looking grim in the appearance department. So, my vanity will no doubt triumph over worry and I will head off to the hairdresser at 11am. I wonder if she can turn back the clock and make me look as young and fresh as I did in 1987 when I left high school. Mmmm, probably not............

UPDATE I arrived back at my mum's after the jaunt to the hairdressers, and was greeted by a huge, gummy smile and the 'I'm happy to see you' jigging-up-and-down dance. It was a melt your heart mummy moment for sure. Mind you it has taken me almost an hour to get her to sleep, even though we had a late night last night and she only had a very short, early nap this morning. Overstimulated by Grandma perhaps???!!!

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OziMum said...

Could be overstimulating... could be lollies that Grandma snuck in... or even nicer - maybe she missed you so much, she wants to be awake to spend more time with you?!!

PS Come on! Where's the photos of the fresh do?!!