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Monday, December 17

Handover Day


mumma to many said...

Great to see how calm you all were! I hope when we meet Alice we will be as calm however with an Aiden and Emily is tow it will probably just be busy!
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs Ruth

Kenmore Bookclub said...

Well, that made me cry buckets :-)

How wonderful.

In case you're wondering, I found my way here via T&P's site as they are batch buddies of friends of mine currently in China with their new little girl (A & S)

Thank you for posting that beautiful video.

Amy Schmidt said...

Hello! I am from the U.S. (Kansas) and I stumbled on your blog when looking for my friend's blog ironically named the same title...anyway, I have been reading your adoption story. My neighbor just adopted a girl from China and is about to come home with her. My husband and I are adopting too but from the U.S. Your video of your handover day brought me to tears. Congrats on the perfectly beautiful angel you have. I'm sure she brings great joy to your lives every day!

Amy in Kansas