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Monday, December 10

Christmas photo

Well, here is the end product of about half an hour's worth of snapping and acting like idiots. DH and I did EVERYTHING we could to make Alice smile for the camera, but NOTHING worked! And when we did manage to capture a smile, one of the other kids was looking down, sideways or just plain elsewhere. I took about 120 pics, and this is probably the best, to be used for grandma and grandpa Christmas gifts. Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

Well, I think this picture was worth 120 snaps...so sweet.
Take care. CTG from RQ

OziMum said...

Gorgeous! Only 120?!! You did well!!!

PS thanx for dropping by my digs the other day! it's nice to have a fellow Aussie, that "gets" some of my lingo!!! Apparently Amercians don't say pressies?!! Or worse... pot plants. (I think I had several US readers reaching for their phones, to phone the Social worker... thinking we were druggies!!!)