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Tuesday, December 25

Happy Christmas!!

Well the kids are in bed, the pressies have been opened and all is now quiet in the house. Our first Christmas as a family of five is almost over, and we have had a fabulous day. The big kids were very excited with their trampoline (courtesy of DH and yours truly) and Alice pretty much enjoyed the wrapping paper and empty boxes more than the gifts! Unfortunately she has a miserable cold, with green gunk coming out of her nose and eyes, but she seemed to enjoy her very first Christmas, and I got LOTS of kisses before bed! All in all, I feel truly blessed to have been able to spend such a special day with my beautiful family. After several Christmases feeling very depressed about our missing family member, to finally be able to celebrate it with her was an absolute joy. Happy Christmas to you all, and enjoy the pics!


Louanne said...

Merry Christmas Tassie and family! Looks like you had a great time.


OziMum said...

Hey, Green is Christmassy - Alice was just getting into the spirit of things?!! (regardless of whether the green was produced from her nostrils?!!)

Merry Christmas Cristina & family!
With love
Lee-Anne (OziMum) & my fam!