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Friday, January 11

Wow - an award!!!

Thanks to my good friend OziMum I have been presented with a fabulous award:

I am indeed blown away! Now I have to come up with five worthy recipinets to pass the award on to. Goven that it is realtivley late on a Friday night, and that I have had two healthy-sized glasses of red, I will have to come back to this task in the near future. But thanks OziMum - you are a legend!!

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OziMum said...

Aww shucks!!!

I knew I liked you for a good reason!!! (other than for saying poo!) Why is it that I laugh when I hear the word poo? Or fart?!! Its not really that funny when you really think about what it is?!!!

You deserve the award! Enjoy your super-star status!
:) Lee-Anne