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Friday, January 4

A Night With Alice

I know she has a terrible cold right now, which is disrupting her sleep somewhat, but the nocturnal goings-on in our household have reached a whole new level of late. About two weeks ago (prior to the snot-fest) Alice decided that waking up in the middle of the night was an excellent idea. And not just waking up - oh no, not MY daughter. This is waking up and PLAYING!!! For 1-2 hours. But she is still (thanks Louanne!) so stinkin' cute she makes me smile even at 3am. She chats away to herself (ba, ba, ma ma, guh, guh etc) and will then have a bit of a stroll around the cot, occasionally banging on the sides. It is also worthwhile testing to see if Mum is REALLY asleep, so I often have my eyelids prised open by tenacious little fingers. She then likes to sing to herself - sort of an 'ooohhhh, aaahhhh, lllaaaaa' very gentle and undulating tune, which can go on for an hour or so. Frequently, the happy little tune is completed by the sounds of a very big poo being pushed out, and we go to the 'changing the nappy in the dark so as not to razz up the baby any more than she already is' routine. And yet she still makes me smile. Anyway, I am sleep deprived, DH has taken up semi-permanent residence on DS's bottom bunk, but I am just so thrilled with this precious wee girl that it doesn't matter. Life is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Hi, what a gorgeous story - she is delightfully beautiful, how lucky you are .... littlies have their own time agendas (lucky carefree them). From your counter you'll soon be celebrating your little angels 1st birthday, how special that will be!! Best wishes to all for 2008, let all the kids put life into perspective and continue to be the joy of our lives :-)

OziMum said...

OMG! That is so funny!!! Yes, I can laugh - coz its not me... YET!!!

My friends just left with their little princess, who's been with them since Sept. My goodness... I think I'm in for a rude shock when we FINALLY get our little one?!!! I'm used to big kids now!!!

Louanne said...

That is fun! And she is stinkin' cute no matter what she does :) But the sleep deprived part is rough.