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Sunday, January 27

My Sweet Girl

Not much to report (apart from lots of lovely sleep!) but I wanted to share my new favourite pic of Alice with you. Will post again when I have something interesting to say!


OziMum said...

I'm a bit ticked with blog.lines it didn't tell me you'd updated - so I missed the whole room swap business!

My greatest fear, is the whole co-sleeping thing. We never did it with our other 2... I know its different with adopted children - but I can't do it!!! Like you, I'm awful if I don't get enough sleep (bear with a sore head, is an understatement!!!) I'm praying like crazy, now, that Mini will prefer to sleep solo!!!

Sounds like your room swap is working well! Yay!!! That IS something to report!

Kelly & Sindy said...

Alice so adorable!!!! I wish you
could come to the nov-2005 re-union
Tassiegirl!!!! You would be the

Take Care,


Louanne said...

I love those pigtails!! Sweet thing!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Seriously cute picture Tassie!