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Sunday, January 6

The School Reunion - and a good night's sleep!!!

Some of you may remember that a week or so ago I was getting psyched up for my 20 year high school reunion. I was feeling a bit torn about going - should I just leave the past in the past, or go along and see what everyone was up to?? Well, thanks to my rapid weight loss plan (ie: adopting a baby and being too busy to eat) I was looking pretty good so decided to go along. And you know what?? I had an absolute BLAST!!! About 50 or so of my old classmates turned up, and everyone that I really hoped to see was there - JW, the boy who made my life a living hell at school by teasing me (found out at the reunion it was because he had a crush on me!!); CM, the jock whom I wasted four years of high school mooning over (who has actually turned into a decent bloke); and PG, the boy who broke my heart in grade ten after taking me to the Leaver's Dinner. I actually didn't recognise PG when he walked in - he had grown about a foot in height, lost a lot of hair and had a bit of a tummy - then when someone pointed him out I almost fainted. Funny what the heart still remembers even after such a long time. Anyway, I had a few red wines, and PG and I got to talking. We had a great time, we swapped photos of our kids, and generally enjoyed catching up. There were so many people there to talk to that I didn't get home until about 1.30 am (yikes!!) and it took me a full two days to get over it. And yes, I did indulge in a spot of dancing to some very bad eighties music.....Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of this.

Now, as to the second part of this posts' title- I had an uninterrupted night's sleep last night. Hurrah!!! Alice had a huge day yesterday - we went to Lasunceston to meet the great-grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins that she hadn't yet met. She had a great day, slept there and back in the car, but was so tired and snotty by 7pm that she had an early bottle and bed. I went to bed at 10pm, slept until 3am when my snuffy nose woke me up, then went back to sleep until 7am when Alice woke me up. I tell you what, I feel almost human today! Perhaps this is the turning point??? Or perhaps DH just added a tad too much Demezin in her nighttime bottle??? Whatever the case, I hope it continues!

PS- the photo is from the reunion, and shows me at far right, with CM second from left, along with a few of my other buddies.


Louanne said...

That's so fun and I am glad that you had such a good time. It is funny what you remember and then how things turn out.

RoLo said...

I was wondering when you were going to post about the reunion. Isnt if funny to look back and remember some of the things that we thought at the time would "end" our world heheheh

OziMum said...

I think reunions are great! Its fantastic to see what people are doing now. Fancy that guy having a crush on you! What's not to like, right?!!

Hope the snotty-gobbles all go away soon, so you can get on with enjoying summer!

OziMum said...

If you get a minny pop over to my place, I've got something for ya!