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Friday, February 1

Love Without Boundaries NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!!!

What would you give to help save a child's life?? The cost of a coffee and a slice of cake? About half what you would pay to go to the movies? This is all it will set you back to help save the lives of ten Chinese orphans. How??? By donating to the Love Without Boundaries Facebook Cause. Here's how it works - for the past month, LWB has been competing with other causes to raise funds. Every day, the Cause which has the most individual donors wins the $1000 daily prize. Today is the last day of the Challenge and the winner of today's donations will recieve $50,000. LWB will use this money to provide despaerately needed heart operations for ten babies in Chinese orphanages. How do you help? It is dead easy. Just click this link and follow the instructions. Your donation is done securely, and for the cost of giving up a small daily pleasure in YOUR life, you will help to save the life of an innocent. Hurry though - there are only 22 hours left, and the Tibetan Freedom Casue is currently in the lead. Remember - it's not how much you doante ($10 is great) but HOW MANY individual donors LWB receives. So pass this on to your freinds and get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with helping someone else out.


OziMum said...

Or a box of Frerro Rochers?!!

Great cause - I hope they win!

Karin said...

Let's win for the kids!!! They are counting on us to help them!