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Sunday, February 17

A Fantastic Photo

I am currently in the process of creating a Life Book for Alice. A Life Book contains Alice's story - information about her birth, her country, her foster family, etc etc. I have been going through the (literally) hundreds of photos I took whilst in China, trying to decide which ones to include and I discovered that I don't have a decent photo of our batch whom we travelled with. Eeek!! This group of eight other families shared one of the most amazing experiences of our lives with us and I didn't have a picture to commemorate the fact. So, in a moment of brilliance I emailed our wondeful guide from Nanchang, Evelyn, explaining my predicament. She promptly emailed back not one, but two superb photos of our travel group, just outside the Teng Wan Pavilion in Nanchang. Have a look for yourselves - I think it is a brilliant memento of a truly amazing experience. I am now feeling all nostalgic for China... Wonder if I can convince DH that we need to go back again soon?????


Louanne said...

You can come as a stow-away like Kiy with us next week :)

Great photo!

Maddys Mom said...

What a great picture! We got Maddy from Jiangxi too & were in that same spot.

Thought I would stop by & say hello.

Tanya (Nov LID Room)

OziMum said...

We're leaving on 21st April... we'll meet you there!!!

*sigh* I look at your photos and think "one day it'll be us..."

mumma to many said...

Nanchang is great! Teng Wang pavillion was amazing what about the butterfly room!
I too stood in the spot almost 4 years ago!
Hugs Ruth in NZ