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Tuesday, February 19

My Baby is Eleven!

Yesterday my DD turned eleven. Wow. I can hardly believe that it was so long ago that she arrived in this world. She took a long time to make her appearance - a 23 hour labour was NOT fun for her poor tired mother! She weighed a healthy 7 pounds 14 ounces and was an interesting shade of purple when she came out. It didn't take her too long to pink up though, and she had the honour of being delivered by her own Daddy (who was, at that stage, half mad with sleep-deprivation). So eleven years have pased and my tiny baby is now a pre-pubescent, growing in all manner of ways. She is loving, cuddly, opinionated, caring, impatient, brilliant, God-fearing, empathetic, finicky, and much, much more. I am so very proud of her and feel so blessed to be her Mum. Happy birthday sweetheart.


Louanne said...

Happy Birthday to your DD!!! That's so fun. Great cake.

mumma to many said...

Eleven is huge!
happy belated birthday!
hope that the cake all got eaten! I'm sure Alice would have liked it!
hugs Ruth in nz