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Wednesday, July 30

Ten Things I Love About Alice

1. When I leave the room and then return, she squeals with excitement, as if I had been gone for hours.
2. The way that she comes to me and asks for 'ca' (cuddles).
3. That she loves her big sister and big brother so very much.
4. The way that she shrugs her shoulders up and down really quickly when I catch her doing something she isn't meant to.
5. Her incredibly cheeky and bubbly personality.
6. The way she covers her face with her 'ba' (blankie) when she sleeps, gently stroking it on her cheek.
7. Her incredibly inquisitive nature and curious mind.
8. The way she says ''love ya' when I tell her how much I love her.
9. Her strength, resilience and bravery.
10. Her gorgeous smile!

Oh, just in case you were wondering, Alice doesn't spend all her life in the high chair. It's just the easiest place to take photos of her as she won't stay still otherwise!!


Louanne said...

Tassie - your heart must just burst out of your chest to be blessed that sweet girl!

OziMum said...

It melts my heart when I read how affectionate she has become! What a long way Alice has come... in such a short time. Beautiful.

Kiy said...

Awww, how sweet. I see you are using the over-the-shoulder straps. We have had to start using those too.

I am so excited for you that Alice is doing so well. It warms my heart more than I can say.

/hugs, Kiy

Anonymous said...

Alice is the sweetest. And I am so glad for you and Alice that you have taken this journey together.
Take care. CTG