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Saturday, July 12

Saturday night again already

Wow the week sure does fly. I can hardly believe how long it has been since I last posted!! Things have definitely improved with Alice since I last wrote, although we are nowhere near what I would call 'healed' (if attachment disordered children can, in fact, BE healed). It is amazing how quickly she now responds to an increase in the holding time sessions we have. Last night saw another first - a holding time session with Daddy. Boy was she unhappy about it at first!! Fortunately she didn't take too long to figure out that it was OK for Dad to hold her, and he is a pretty cool singer as well, so the screaming wasn't too hideous. She raged with me again today too, but it was pretty half-hearted compared to some of the rages I have experienced. It is now more about control I think than fear of intimacy. If she wants to get down, she expects me to comply. Unfortunately for Alice, I am rather a stubborn and bloody-minded person, so it is a real battle of wills at times. I think that she will eventually come to realise that she isn't the one in charge and she has to comply with my wishes for the time being. We are seeing the attachment therapist again on July 21st or 22nd, and I am sure she will notice some HUGE differences in Alice. As for the rest of the week - we were in Launceston Monday for DS's appointment with the allergy specialist, Simmons Plains on Wednesday for the state Cross-Country championships (DD got 42nd out of a field of 169) and the rest of the week passed in a blur of kung fu lessons, holding time and just being full time at home Mum. Will try and post some more pics when I work out why my camera has decided to freeze and not do anything that I want it too!! Bye for now xxx


OziMum said...

Time flies when you're having fun!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are going better with Alice. Take care CTG