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Tuesday, July 29

A Very Special Day!!

29th July, 2008 - a very special day in our household. Why, you may ask??? Well, today marks the day that Alice has been with us longer than she lived in China! As of today, she has been with us for nine months, one week and one day. When we met her on October 21st, she was exactly nine months and one week old, so it is a real milestone for us as a family, to have had the opportunity to nurture our sweet Alice longer than she was cared for in China. In celebration of this event, here are some pictures taken just a few minutes ago. Please note the all-Australian Vegemite smeared around her face, and the completely inappropriate (not to mention out of season) bib!! Oh, and she also has an AWFUL cold so is not looking her best....


Anonymous said...

Congrats...what a wonderful day to celebrate. Alice is so sweet. I am so happy to hear about how well Alice is bonding with you. Natalie is slowly improving as well. Isn't it wonderful?
Take care. CTG

amy said...

Wonderful and that face is just precious

OziMum said...

How funny! You meet your sweet princess on Harrison's birthday! What a great day!

I think you're very clever to keep track of those statistics! My friend, here in Adelaide, did the same thing... and I thought - geez - I don't reckon I'd work that out!!!