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Friday, July 25

Visit with the Attachment Therapist

Yesterday Alice and I saw our therapist again, the first time since our initial consult back in March, when Alice was diagnosed with some pretty significant attachment issues. I am utterly thrilled to say that after our consult yesterday, Deb (our wonderful therapist) thinks that Alice is now pretty much a normal 18 month old, with only a few 'residual' attachment-related issues. Yay!!! All that carrying and therapy seems to have paid off big time. I was pretty sure myself that she had made some very significant improvements, but it was fabulous to get professional confirmation of this. It's funny - just the past week or so Alice seems to have attached to me even more strongly, wanting me to pick her up more frequently, asking for cuddles LOTS and seeking me out when she is tired, distressed, or just wanting someone to hold her. It is so very wonderful to have my little girl need me - I am a very lucky mama indeed!!!


Louanne said...

With a tear in my eye I say:


Hugs from Texas!

OziMum said...

Yes, you are a lucky Mama - but I certainly think you are a very clever Mama, by seeing the signs and acting on them.

I'll give you a "cyber" pat on teh back... good job, Mama!

Love your wid.get, by the way. My chinese name is Sun Le Nuo. Meaning happy and promise. Sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful.
Take care. CTG