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Monday, July 14

18 months old!!

Today my sweet little Alice Xiao Ying turns 18 months old. I can hardly believe that time has passed so quickly. It seems like such a short time ago that she was a tiny, waif-like little 9 month old, scared out of her wits at the hand that life had dealt her. Who could blame her??? She had been taken from the only family she had ever known, and given to these strange-looking foreigners, who smelled weird, looked even weirder and sounded like nothing she had EVER heard before. The nine months which have passed since then have been truly amazing - difficult at times, yet still incredible. I have watched this sad, withdrawn and attachment-disordered little baby become a more secure, happy, confident and bubbly little person. She laughs so much, loves to be tickled, runs to me for hugs, and kisses me goodnight. She loves her big sis and big brother so very much, and watching the three of them play together is pure joy. So happy 18 months Alice Xiao Ying - you have blessed me more than I could ever have imagined....


amy said...

she is beautiful!!!

OziMum said...

Holy cow!!! That has gone so fast! Alice has grown up so much, in the last 9 months.

Just wait til she's 18 YEARS old!!! ...scary thought?!!