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Thursday, August 7

My Poor Little Man

DS had a BIG accident yesterday which really shook him up. He was hooning around on his go-cart, doing laps of our neighbour's house, when he went round a corner too fast and smashed into the glass sliding door. Fortunately he wasn't hurt, but the door came off second best, with broken glass flying everywhere. I am SO thankful that he is OK, but a bit mortified about the poor neighbour having to replace his door!! Luckily he is a very nice person, who loves DS as his own (the feeling is pretty mutual!!) and was very relaxed about it all. The insurance company has agreed to cover it, so we are $100 out of pocket for the excess, but I am just so grateful that there was no trip to the ER required. It really shook him up, poor little man, and he sobbed in my arms for quite some time. I think he was not only in shock (apparently his crash was VERY loud!)but also worried that his mate Tony would be cross with him. Lucky for DS, Tony is very forgiving and still wants to be mates!!!


mumma to many said...

I am so glad he is okay!
Hugs from over the ditch!
Love Ruth

Louanne said...

So sorry about the breakage, but really happy that your DS is okay!