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Friday, August 8

Losing the Plot

This is our couch:

Not particularly scary looking, you would have to agree, although rather grubby in places due to small Chinese baby fingers covered in food. So today I decided that said couch needed a bit of a clean, so set about taking the cushions off to sponge the dirty spots. BIG MISTAKE. Alice completely drooped her bundle. She went into utter hysterics as soon as the cushions came off the couch, and clung to me as if she were drowning. The screaming lasted for well over 20 minutes, and nothing I did could console her. I put all the cushions back, thinking that this would help, but nada - the hysterics continued unabated. She was in the grips of sheer terror, and I felt completely helpless at not being able to calm her. Eventually I took her for a nappy change and although she screamed her way through the change, she calmed down once she was dressed and settled down happily for a bottle before her nap. It makes me sad to think that she obviously has had some kind of trauma in her past that has triggered such a powerful, emotional reaction. Why the couch, I will probably never know. Mind you, this is the same couch that she thoroughly enjoys clambering over and jumping off day after day. For some reason, the cushions coming off was the reason for the meltdown and I am at a loss to explain why. Oh well, I have learned an important lesson today - couch cleaning MUST be done when Miss A is asleep.....


Louanne said...

Awe. Poor girl. These are the times that not knowing their past surprises us. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

So sorry...poor Alice...perhaps its she just needs the security of everything looking the same. For Natalie, its her bed..when everything seems the same here, everything else just flows...otherwise...yup all heck breaks loose..