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Wednesday, August 27

My First Head Injury

Sounds like a catchy new toy, huh?? Not so I'm afraid. Alice and I were having a lovely time yesterday at an indoor play centre, catching up with her little mates Olivia and Allysa, who were adopted from Jiangxi at the same time. The girls were having an absolute blast, when, just before it was time to leave, Alice made the fatal mistake of hooning past a table whilst pushing a trolley laden with fake fruit. She collected the corner of the table with her head and it was MESSY!!! So much blood from such a small hole. She was utterly hysterical and inconsolable, as was I. She probably should have had a stitch or two, but the distress she was in from me trying to apply an ice pack would have increased about a million times if I had taken her to the ER for stitches. So, she is sporting a lovely oozing wound on her temple, and lots of good memories from a day of playing with 'Ibby' and "Issa'. Just as well kids are resilient!


amy said...

hope she feels better soon

Kiy said...

Oh my! Do you guys have 'butterfly' bandages there? It probably can use one or two, ask a pharmacist. I'd send you some but by the time they got there ... it would be too late.

Poor baby. Careful, Emi's Danger Girl might be rubbing off. ;)

Give Alice a sweet hug from me, and hugs to mama too!


Louanne said...

Awe! Hugs to little Miss Alice.

Miss N had her first bang up on Friday night playing with the some neighbor girls. She amazingly got the scrape right under her nose. It looks very weird.

Then we went tree shopping the next day and she bit the dust walking through the fields and scraped up a knee. Of course she got her first Hello Kitty bandaid for that and thinks she is cool. HA HA!! I swear they look worse than they are.