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Wednesday, December 17

The Two Year Old Tantrums

Ah yes, what a wonderful age two can be. Although Alice hasn't quite yet reached her second birthday, she is practising her tantrum technique on a daily basis. This morning we had one in the car after leaving the park which lasted for a good twenty minutes of hysterical, snotting, screaming madness. Yuk.... Here are some pics that Big Brother took this evening of the 'I want that coffee cup and don't you dare take it away from me!!!' meltdown. Just as well she's cute....
PS- if you click on the photos they come up REALLY big and you can see Madame in all her snotty glory!!!


OziMum said...


Can we somehow click fast-forward on the terrible twos?!!

Geez... its scary the things you forget, hey?!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Those pictures look very familiar - were you at my house snapping shots yesterday???? :)

Louanne said...

That drama is OH.SO.FAMILIAR.

amy said...

bless her..she has a lot of hair!! I love it