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Wednesday, December 31

R.I.P Bonnie

We had to have our lovely old yellow lab put to sleep this afternoon. The tumour in her mouth had become so large that her teeth were falling out, and she was in pain despite the pain medication she was on. We are all so very sad - she was a truly lovely dog, a loyal friend and a part of our family. We will miss her terribly....


mumma to many said...

Oh Cristina and family we are sending loads of Cyber hugs your way! we had our darling cat put down before we went to China and I still expect to see her turn up! Animals are such a part of our lives! May happy memories fill 2009 for you all!
Hugs Ruth

Shelle said...

I'm so sorry Cristina. We went through this in March, it was so difficult. Lots of hugs.


Anonymous said...

I am so,so, sorry Cristina. CTG

Bill and Linda said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Cristina and family. I still keep looking for our Piper who has only been gone a couple of weeks. Our older dog is doing a lot better. He really missed him the first week.

Even though they are dogs it doesn't make it any easier.