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Tuesday, December 9

The Christmas Photo

Every year the relatives get the traditional Christmas photo of the kids. here are both the most recent one (taken just last week) and last years to compare. What a difference a year makes!!!


OziMum said...

Geez! A year makes a huge difference!

Merry Christmas guys!

Kiy said...

Oh gosh, priceless. All your kids are growing so fast.

Can I borrow your two oldest for an hour? I think that's the only way I will get a still Emi for a holiday photo. You should SEE the duds, lol.

Seriously though, wow. Beautiful picture. (And I am seriously considering our friendship woman - your holiday pictures have your kids in SHORT/no sleeves.)

Cheers from the frozen north where fleece and long underwear are a fashion statement!


Tracy said...

So neautiful - and yes, such a big girl Alice is now!

amy said...


Louanne said...

Wonderful! I love the 2 shots.

Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

Wow a year does make a huge difference, Alice is no baby anymore!

Shelle said...

Wow, what a change! Beautiful children!