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Monday, December 15

Tassie Referrals!!!

It has been a very exciting weekend here in Tassie, with referrals coming in. There haven't been any in the state since OUR allocations in September last year, so everyone has been very excited. I am even more excited by the fact that all five sweet babies are from Feng Cheng, Jiangxi, just like Alice!! This means there will soon be nine Feng Cheng girls in Tassie, which is just marvellous. All the cutest babies come from FC - but I'm not biased at all, am I?? :)


OziMum said...



My friend here in Adelaide, has got everything crossed that our wee one is from Jiangxi too, as that's where their batch of girls was from!!!

...we'll see (HOPEFULLY SOON!!!) I always had a hunch he/she'd be in Guangdong...

(hehehe! my word verification is "ouber" hehehe! maybe thats coz I'm OUBER anxious?!!!)

mumma to many said...

That is so exciting so maybe we will have to have a tassie union! So my Alice can meet yours!
Hugs Ruth in NZ