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Thursday, December 11

Goodbye Greece, G'day Gold Coast!!

Some of you may remember a post some time ago talking about our planned trip to Greece in September 2009. Well, after various searches for airfares, car hire, accommodation in Athens etc etc we have decided that it is just not going to happen. We would be looking at $13 000 for the airfares alone!!!!! My big kids have been bugging me for YEARS to go to the Gold Coast but I have resisted with every fibre of my being. It is quite commercialised, and EVERYONE in Tassie goes there on holidays!! The big attraction for the kids are the four theme parks which are located there. Anyway, after deciding that Greece was out of our reach at the moment, DH and I discussed the options and decided that we could do a couple of weeks in Queensland (including all the theme parks) for a much more reasonable sum. telling the kids was fun - they were so excited!!! I am sure they will have a blast, and I must admit, I am sort of looking forward to it now as well - the accommodation I have booked looks fab, and it is right on the beach. I may even get a tan!! Mental note- must buy some bathers....


Tracy said...

I think it looks fabulous! Of course - I live in Minnesota 0 smack dab in the middle of the U.S. and nowhere near an ocean - so oceans always look awesome to me!

Kiy said...

It does look wonderful! And what a fun trip for the whole family, make sure you book that extra room ... I will start my packing list now. ;)

P.S. Love the new blog set-up, spiffy!

OziMum said...

Everyone, everywhere in Aust(other than QLD) goes to QLD for holidays!!!

We had a super quick trip in Aug. (4 days) for a wedding... we still managed to squeeze in Dreamworld! The kids love it!!!

PS... geez I need my sunnies for your "psycedylic" template!!! (sorry have no idea how to spell that!!)

mumma to many said...

The Gold coast is always fun!
We need to head back there it has been almost 8 years! When are you going?
I must win lotto first though! Hahaha
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Glori said...

Cris..........that is only ONE HOUR's drive away from me!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have to organise a catch up - to have a very long overdue cup of tea/coffee/red wine - heck all 3!!!!

Actually we ourselves just came back from a week at said Gold Coast - first blended family holiday we've had :o

Must let me know when you are looking at it!