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Friday, November 30

Things Alice has learned...

...since we arrived home:
-how to blow super-wet raspberries (thanks for that DS!!)
-how to give cuddles
-that banana tastes GREAT
-that Mummy's nose is big and good to shove your fingers up during bottle time
-how to wave 'bye-bye'
-how to crawl, especially when there is contraband in sight
-how to pull herself up on furniture and walk along, letting out little grunts of self-satisfaction as she goes
-how to throw a huge tantrum when being strapped into the car seat - a la 'ironing board baby'
-that dogs are fun, if a little big and scary at times. They are especially fun when they lick you all over your face then knock you over with their tail.
-that chickens are interesting, and make funny noises.
-how to blow kisses
-how to wrap her daddy around her little finger
-how to sleep in the family bed without taking up the majority of space
-how to laugh
-how to say 'mum'

Our new daughter is such a blessing and every day with her just keeps on getting better. Watching her grow, learn and discover her new world is a delightful experience and we are so very honoured to be a part of it. We love you so very much Alice Xiao Ying.


OziMum said...

Just gorgeous. I cannot wait to be experiencing the same things with our little one. Thanks for sharing!

Louanne said...

That is way cute! I love the contraband comment.